A Father’s Day tribute

Let me tell y’all a story about a certain fella.
Once upon a time, in 1988, the fella went to a surprise party for a co-worker, and spent most of the evening telling jokes and yuckin’ it up with the hostess.
Every time they left each other to…

Both grandfathers in my adoptive family died before I came along. As a youngster I recall looking sadly at their photos, wishing I had known them.

Montreal Gazette, June, 1942

As an adult, when I began to find my birth family, I discovered that both biological grandfathers had also died — tragically - two…

I stopped caring what people think about my hair during this pandemic when it dawned on me that nobody actually gives a shit about my hair. Imagine that. So I freed myself from the costly colouring regime that ruled my life for so, so long. And since I started rocking…

Sherri Gallant

Longtime journalist and editor, screenwriter, communications advisor, home cook, momma bear, locavore, dog lover

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